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By leveraging the Bluetooth connectivity of modern cubes Cubeast aims to provide a new set of insights and tools to help you become a better cuber. It records, stores and analyzes all of your solves. It can tell you what are your strengths and your weaknesses.

Awesome Features

All Bluetooth cube models supported

All existing 3x3 Bluetooth cube models are supported. Support for new ones is added as soon as possible.

Sharing solves

Cubeast can generate a link to your solve that will show visitors your solution and its analysis. It's a perfect way to share the solve you're proud of!

Solve analysis

Cubeast can break down your solve and show you recognition and execution times for a given phase, inspection, pickup and put-down times and others. Cubeast works with all major speedsolving methods, new ones can be added too.


Based on all your solves you can compare TPS between different cube models, see on what percentage of solves you do an XCross or what is your average PLL recognition time (+ many more).


Cubeast can work with external timers like StackMat to make your practice sessions look as close as possible to an official World Cube Association event.


You can focus on improving one specific cubing skill with an exercise tailored to help you do just that. Whether it's learning new algorithms, algorithm recognition and improving your XCross there's an exercise for it.